Wildlife Tips

Wekiva River Basin

The Wekiva River basin is home to a unique ecosystem where warm temperate climate meets subtropical climate, allowing for a concentrated biodiversity of plants and animals rarely found in natural settings. Because of the rare concentration of threatened and endangered species thriving in this area, 110 square miles of the basin are protected as parks, preserves, and state forests. Although man’s interference in the region have resulted in a decline in the health of the springs feeding the river, Wekiva continues to be a prime example of the Real Florida. These are just a few examples of the wildlife you may encounter during your stay with us.


Gopher Tortoise

Black Bear

Wild Turkey

White-Tailed Deer


Wood Stork

Great Blue Heron


Bald Eagle


American Alligator



Viewing Tips

  • The best times to view wildlife are just after sunrise and just before sunset.

  • Bring a pair of binoculars, spotting scopes, and cameras with telephoto lenses to enjoy wildlife from a distance.

  • If wildlife is retreating, please do not follow them off of trails or onto the river banks.

  • Never approach or feed any animal; this is for your safety and the wellbeing of the animal.

  • Remember, if you approach an animal so closely that it changes its behavior, you have approached too closely.